CellSentry product shotCellSentry product shotCellSentry product shot
Prevent Text and Call Distractions
Not just a pledge...a plan!
  • Eliminates texting and reading emails while driving
  • Safely stay connected while reducing distracted driving
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road
  • Application can be easily personalized
  • Unique Admin (Parent) app for easy management with the Enhanced version

  • Basic Package

    Basic package allows you to use basic features of application. Opt Out, White List, and access to real time reports are NOT AVAILABLE with Basic.

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    Enhanced Package

    Enhanced package allows you to use the full features of the CellSentry application. Subscribers can request Opt Out, and program White List numbers. The optional "ADMIN" application is available to ease the management of the Opt Out requests and schedule Opt Outs.

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    Administrator's App

    CellSentry's Admin App allows a sponsor to manage their subscribers' Opt Outs with an application on their own mobile phone.
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    Welcome To CellSentry™

    Control smartphone use while driving

    Welcome to CellSentry. You know you shouldn't text and drive, but you still do. You have taken the "pledge" to stop, but it doesn't work. Beginning with the install of this software, you will discover the safest easiest means to prevent distractions due to text or call activities while driving. You'll soon discover why CellSentry is not just a pledge, it's a plan!

    In addition to saving lives, CellSentry™ provides useful reports to monitor text messages and calls.

    In case you were wondering, 911 is ALWAYS JUST TWO BUTTONS AWAY and you don't need to give up your Music or Navigation features.

    What is CellSentry™?

    CellSentry product shot CellSentry™ is an application that prevents distractions from smartphone use while driving. Using GPS/SMS technology, the app disables text, phone and other distracting features while the phone is in motion. When properly installed on a compatible device protection is immediate!.

    After you install the software, CellSentry silently and automatically blocks text and call activities when the user's movement is detected. On those occasions where moving is not a problem, users with the enhanced version may "OPT OUT" of using the application.


    Call and SMS Disable

    Block Calls and Texts While Driving

    imageBlock Incoming Calls
    imageBlock Outgoing Calls
    imageBlock Incoming SMS
    imageBlock Outgoing SMS

    Logs and Monitoring

    Monitor Communications

    imageSMS Log
    imageCall Log

    White List Options and Features

    White List numbers can be answered.

    imageEnhanced users can add up to five White List numbers
    imageWhile app is active, only calls from White List numbers will
                be allowed through

    Capabilities While App is Active

    Available Functions While Driving

    imageAccess to Music
    imageAccess to Maps
    imageCall 911 in case of emergency

    Mobile Parental Control Software for Sponsors to Restrict and Monitor Child Cell Phones

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